In the Beer days of summer 2013, my pals and I decided to raft the river with some less than reputable inflatable rafts.

In usual fashion, the empty Beer cans were crushed and kept on Board ┬áthe “SS inflatable”. Shortly after crushing my 2nd Kokanee I heard a loud hissing noise and water started to slowly enter the boat. As I paddled to shore I heard a crackling noise and realized my phone was in the process to frying itself.

As this point in my life I was a measly low level employee at a local sleezy Insurance company and could not afford to send my phone to Apple for repairs. I immediately rushed home and watched a YouTube video on how to repair my water damaged iPhone. The needed parts were ordered, replaced and I successfully fixed my phone.

From this point on, word traveled fast around my social circles that I had “The Gift” of fixing iPhones and I was hence forth affectionately known as “so and so’s buddy who fixes iPhones”.

In starting CellPro Repair Solutions my goal is to provide value by reducing overhead expenses and passing these savings onto my clients while at the same time providing a superior product.

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