Computer repair

PC & Mac Tune Up $59.99 – This includes virus and malware removal as well as optimizing settings and features.

Parts Replacement and upgrade $59.99 + parts + additional labor – If the computer is still running poorly then information would be backed up and the compute would be reformatted.

Screen and Keyboard replacement Starting at $100.00 – If you have cracked your Mac or PC screen this can be repaired. The cost to do so starts at $100.00 but prices depend on the cost of the part and the complexity of the repair. Call us for a quote 250-739-3379.

Data Recovery – Data recovery can help you recover all your data that you might thought have been lost. If your External or internal hard drive stops working on your computer we can recover it.

The computer repair technician that will be helping you will be CompTIA A+ Certified. This certification combined with advanced knowledge and industry experience of 30 years launches CellPro to being the Best Computer Repair shop in Nanaimo for 5 years running.

In order to show that we stand by our work we have a 30 day warranty and any and all of our work being completed.

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