Repairing and Selling all iPhone, iPads, Samsung and LG devices. Click on the Link for pricing:

iPhone & iPad

Water damage repairs starting at $59.99

People tend to drop their phones in all types of fluids including Coffee, juice, salt water and even toilet water. We can help. The sooner you bring your device into us the better.

We start by bathing the phone component in an ultra sonic machine. We then allow adequate time for drying and by process of elimination replace the damaged components in the following order:

  1. Battery: $59.99
  2. Screen: $59.99 – $169.99
  3. Charge port: $69.99
  4. Front camera assembly $59.99
  5. Etc…………

*The above costs are based on iPhone models 5 to 7.

Cracked screen repairs starting at $69.99

Charger not working, repairs start at $59.99 to $79.99.

Screen protectors for all iPhone series $9.99

We also replace batteries, fix drones, repair circuit boards, replace iPad and tablet screens and repair Raspberry Pi circuit board issues and even repair key less remote entry’s for car.

Do you want to switch Networks. We also unlock phones.

CellPro Solutions is based out of The Network Hub at Unit 120 256 Wallace St Nanaimo, BC and we are open 11 AM Р6 PM Monday to Friday and 11 AM  Р6PM on Saturdays.

We also repair iPad and tablets.

Click on the below video to see how we repair the iphone 6: