Repair Pricing:


We can fix anything:

iPhone repair as well as Samsung and LG Repair are are our most common repairs however we do not shy away from BlackBerry, Huawei, Essential or ZTE. If you have any electronic with any issue we can help so give us a call.

Our specialty is iPhone repair however this doesn’t mean we do not like a challenge, therefore we will take on soldering jobs or other electronics that are worth repairing. Comparatively it is best to fix electronics rather then throw them away. Therefore, give us a call to see if it is worth spending a dollar to save a dollar.

Water damage repairs starting at $59.99

People tend to drop their iPhones and devices in all types of liquids.  If your iPhone or device becomes a victim of water damage, get it into CellPro immediately for water restoration.

The restoration process is started by bathing your device in an ultra sonic machine. Once dried, we start replacing non working components based on a process of elimination. In conclusion,  we can get you device up and running within

  1. Battery: $59.99
  2. Screen: $59.99 – $169.99
  3. Charge port: $69.99
  4. Front camera assembly $59.99
  5. Etc…………

In addition to the above, some other services we provide for any device or electronic is as follows:

  • Battery Replacement
  • Fix drones
  • Repair circuit boards
  • Replace iPad
  • Tablet screens
  • Black Berry Repair
  • iPad
  • Unlock phones

Click on the below video to see how we repair the iphone 6: