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Your Computer can be a very important part of your life, whether you are using it for working from home, kid’s school work assignments, or to manage your household. If your computer is not performing as it should, we can help! Regardless of the issue from hard drive, to LCD, or any other problem, our expert computer technicians can diagnose the cause of your issue and repair your computer.

If you want to repair your computer or laptop then come to us. Cell Pro provides the Best Computer Repair in Nanaimo BC. 

PC or Mac we can fix it!  If your computer or Laptop has low speed and not working properly then contact us and receive the Best Computer Repair in Nanaimo BC. Call us at 250-739-3379.

Apart from this if your Computer screen has been cracked then we can easily replace the screen because we have original screens in stock.

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Computer Repair: PC & Mac Tune-Up $59.99

      This includes the following:

  • Creating a restore point and backing up data
  • Run Malware
  • Run Anti-virus software
  • Check for bloatware
  • Check for programs that are using significant memory and take appropriate actions
  • Run updates, software, and drivers.

Computer Repair Reset $59.99:

Sometimes a device or computer is running so poorly it requires a complete reset. This would include the following.

  • Back up all the data
  • Reset the computer to factory settings
  • Re-load the data
  • Update drivers
  • Update Computer

In most cases, this will fix any issues that exist on the computer. This is why Cell Pro is famous for being the Best Computer Repair in Nanaimo BC.

Parts Replacement and upgrade $59.99 + parts + additional labor-

In some cases, hardware or batteries might be causing the issues that exist. We analyze what issues exist and replace parts. Therefore the Computer Repair price might change however we refer to the owner for approval before proceeding.

Screen and Keyboard replacement Starting at$100.00 

If you have cracked your Mac or PC screen this can be repaired. The cost to do so starts at $100.00 but prices depend on the cost of the part and the complexity of the repair. Call us for a quote at 250-739-3379.

Hardware Upgrades:

Some users are looking to use their CPUs to the best of their abilities. Upgrades such as Hard drives and Ram can facilitate that.

  • Hard Drive upgrades: $100 – $300 depending on size (GB) and type (SSD VS HDD)
  • RAM upgrades: $100 – $300 depending on increase

Data Recovery

Data recovery is available for all computers and devices including iPhones and Androids.

Cell Pro can help you recover all your data that you might think has been lost. If your external or internal hard drive stops working on your computer we can recover it. This is why we are famous for being the Best Computer Repair in Nanaimo BC

The PC repair & Mac Repair technician that will be helping you will be CompTIA A+ Certified.

This certification combined with advanced knowledge and industry experience of 30 years launches CellPro to being the Best Computer Repair shop in Nanaimo for 5 years running.

In order to show that we stand by our work, we have a 30-day warranty and any and all of our work being completed.

Therefore, contact us for the Best Computer Repair in Nanaimo BC. Call us for a quote at 250-739-3379.

Computer Common Repairs

Our Dedicated Team Of Repair Experts Are Always Available To Get Your Computer Working Like Brand New

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Charging Port Replacement

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Data Recovery

icon volume repair

Speaker Replacement

icon motherboard repair

Motherboard Repair

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Battery Replacement

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Other Repair

Why Our Customers Love Us


With us, you are guaranteed a professional, original quality repair. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


We strive to get your device back to its original condition in the shortest amount of time possible, without sacrificing quality.


We know price is a big factor in your decision to repair your device. We are fair in our pricing and stay competitive with the local market.


We love what we do. We have been servicing devices for years & have disassembly, diagnostic, replacement and reassembly down to a science.

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Christi Scott
Quick and efficient handling of mail
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Scott Freeland
Bruce is the best.
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Dan Grubac
Great Service!!!
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kemper ogden
I had issues with a service and Bruce resolved them promptly and professionally. If I’m ever in town or anywhere near Nanaimo for that matter, I know where I will be heading *knock on wood* if I need phone help again.
Bruce is very knowledgeable and accommodating, quick service, highly recommend

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