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CellPro Repair Solutions has been repairing iphones in Nanaimo for some time now. The warranty on the 6 series phones are almost all but gone. As we do not cover the Apple warranty we are starting to see a lot of 6 series phones come into the shop.

With the flood of 6 series phones we are starting to notice a flaw in the 6 & 6 Plus that looks to be corrected in the 6S & 6S Plus iphones. The flaw in questions that I am referring to is the homes button cable connection on the heat shield.

The heat shield home button cable connection for the iphone 6 & 6 Plus is notoriously hard to remove and you run a 10% chance in damaging it. If damaged the home button and touch sensor will still work if replaced but this is not a problem repair shops want to have.

In order to reduce the chances of damaging the cable, heat the front screen up to 90 degrees and let it sit for 2 minutes to allow the heat to be absorbed into the glue on the heat shield cable. DO NOT APPLY HEAT TO THE HEAT SHIELD OR BACK SIDE OF THE SCREEN AS IT COULD DAMAGE THE CABLES.

I would then work with your tool under the connector where the home button connects to the heat shield. The home button should be separated before this process begins.

I hope this blog helps some people as on Youtube they either skip the removal of the heat shield or do not apply heat to the heat shield connector at all. A good example on home not to remove the heat shield is as follows as they use metal tweezers to remove the cable and do not apply heat.

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